A Thankful Christmas: Day 2

by - 9:00 AM

Lights. I'm thankful for Christmas lights.
Nothing cheers me up, sets the jolly, and screams CHRISTMAS like some twinkle lights hanging in every.single.crevice of my house.
I hang holly and tinsel and all the rest of the Christmas gear, but it isn't really pulled together until there are lights.
A few weeks ago, I went to Silver Bells in downtown Lansing, to watch the annual Capital Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Then, as I walked home, I watched the fireworks rain down on the entire city.
I like lights.
I guess I just really like cozy.
I remember being a kid and putting up the Christmas tree pronto, just as soon as Thanksgiving food was shelved in the fridge. From that day forward, the first light to go on in the morning were those that were wound around the tree. My parents favored colored lights and I remember the way those lights danced on the walls, twinkling on and off.
I like white lights myself, so the memories that I am actively creating in my own home are a bit different, but the theory is the same. The tree lights the entire house, from today until January.
I'm thankful for that. Thankful for the lights.
In a grander sense, I'm thankful for the light of Christmas. The way our culture wraps up another year by celebrating a season that brings families and friends together. We celebrate togetherness annually. I think that's magical.

We get this golden opportunity to end the year on such a high note. This tender shining thing right smack in the middle of a season that could become very bleak. There is light in Christmas, no matter the reason you celebrate. I like that there is a greater meaning to the entire holiday, whatever you believe and to me, that is sacred.
I'm so thankful that somewhere along the way, someone realized that winter kind of sucks. So why not throw in some egg-nog, ugly sweaters and a Griswold light or two to shine the whole thing up?
Speaking of Griswold, I've already watched that movie about 18 times this season and the thought occured to me---that guy is crazy. Clumsy and without much common sense, and even though I know he is fictional, I can't help but applaud the guy. Clark Griswold is a family man. He knows that family is everything and that, my friends, is the light of Christmas.
May your Christmas be merry and bright.

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