Reader....I married him.

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This post deserves a preface. There is much to say, many emotions to express, and never enough words to do as much, adequately.

My bestfriend got married. She found her bestfriend and they decided on forever.
Until Saturday, my bestfriend shared my last name...because she is my sister.
I know her well. Well enough to see the immaculate changes in her when she stumbled into her second and found the man that fit her puzzle piece snugly and perfectly.
I've decided to narrate this happy event with the toast I shared at her wedding.
(*past tenses thrown in and deletions made where appropriate. i.e. introductions and such.*)
Now first, before I start talking and get carried away, as I often do, I want to direct your attention to my sister. Does she not look incredibly, remarkably, ridiculously, absolutely beautiful today? Even Brad is kicked up a notch. Bradley, basking all that frilly, lacy radiance, you look downright pretty, my friend.

            Now, tradition begs of me to stand up here and share a plethora of embarrassing stories about Dee, and god knows, over the years, she’s provided a couple of doozies, but we’re lucky enough to have a very unique relationship.
            As many of you here already know, Deanna is not only my sister, she’s my best friend. So as much as tradition tugs at my heart and embarrassing stories stand at the tip of my tongue, the bond we have tugs harder.
            As I already mentioned, the relationship that Deanna and I have is unique. We’re sisters, so our friendship is the kind that is cultivated in youth by genetic similarities that make us sisters and the individual differences that allow us to be friends.
            And because we’re sisters, our consequential friendship has hit a number of snags: primarily those which included hair pulling, screaming in each other’s faces and plotting the kind of revenge that only women know how to plan.
Then we stumbled into the summer of 2002. That was the summer we went to the beach every day, with Ace of Base threatening to blow a speaker or two. It was the summer we discovered a coffee shop we loved. We went everyday until the Health Department closed it down. That was the summer we ate marshmallow crème puff out of the jar and it was also the summer that Dee consequently became the proud owner of the world's largest collection of plastic spoons. That was the summer that practiced our best English accents at garage sales. It was such a good summer for us because it was the summer that we became not only sisters, but collaborators, partners-in-crime and best friends.
            Now let’s fast-forward six years to 2010 when Deanna called me and in her shrilliest, girliest voice, said to me, “I totally met a guy and I want you to meet him.”
            Now, I have to say, except for the Allars, who know Brad and the wonderful man that he is, the rest of us….we were leery of Brad. Not because of the person that he is, but because, well, we all love Deanna so very very much. None of us were interested in welcoming a person into her life that would hurt her. But in the next two years, I saw the craziest, wildest, most beautiful changes in my best friend. She became such a happy person.
The most incredible thing was watching my best friend with the man who was fitting more clearly into her life everyday and seeing the way they collaborate, they way they love each other, the way they parent one of the  most precious, perfect little girl in the world, the way they treat each other with equal respect and love….
            I don’t think that anyone who has seen the way these two love each other would disagree, Dee and Brad were made for each other and they are best friends.
            Sharing a best friend can tear up the elementary playground, but I am beyond thrilled to share my best friend with Brad. You are a rock star. You treat my sister and my niece with so much love, it’s incredible.
            Now, I’m not an expert in love. I’m not married, so I’m definitely not an expert on marriage, but thanks to the best friend I’ve had since birth, I do know a little thing about best friendship.
            So Dee and Brad, here is my wish for you. May you always be best friends. When you fight, may you  remember that best friends never give up on each other. They always love each other and are always willing to be the first to say I’m sorry. When hard times come, as they always do, may you remember that best friends carry each other when the other cannot carry themselves. When times are good, remember them. Etch them into your memory to fuel the rough patches. Know that together, you can take on the world. My greatest wish for you is that you will always, always be best friends.

           And finally, I think I speak for the entire crowd when I say, I love you both and I wish you the very very very best.

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