Small Good Things 2.0

by - 7:05 PM

Not every day is magical.
Yesterday I honestly stood at my window sill and tried to explain logically to my dogs that I was "trying to catch my second wind."
As in, puppies, please stop barking because I'm too tired to yell at you to stop scaring the damn neighbors. Seriously, your mama-bear is trying to catch her second wind.

Honestly those are the kind of days that I think that my major problem is that I don't drink enough coffee.
(PS: my boss recently commented on how I practically consume coffee intravaneously, so lack of caffiene might not be my problem....)
Sometimes I talk to my dogs like they're humans and that's how I know it's been a stressful day, but I think that those are the days when it's most important to take a break and be appreciative of all the really great small good things. 

Rockin' music at 8AM.
I wake up early. I go to work early. I'm on the road before 8AM and I've usually already drank a half pot of coffee by that time. I'm kickin', rollin' and ready to rock. I'm awake. It's like my 10AM. I haven't hit a wall yet and I'm rarin' to go and I so so so love when my morning drive is perfected by a hits that make up my life's soundtrack.

No lie,  no shame. I may have rocked out to Enrique Iglesies this morning because,you know what, the dude can put down a killer beat. And I like it . At 8AM.
Oh, and nothing makes me feel sassier than a few randomly placed spanish words between bumps of the bass.

Right now, I'm loving all things buttercup yellow, mint green and Tiffany blue. Or coral. Or baby pink.
I want it on my walls, my fingernails, my jeans, my shoes, my lips, everywhere.
Same goes for gold glitter.

The End is in Sight.
I am so proud to be an American. I'm glad I get to vote. I savor the right to make a choice about who leads my country.
I do not love the way that Facebook makes what used to be taboo into something normal.
Back in the good ol' days, when friends communicated in old fashioned ways like talking on the phone or getting together for coffee, it was appropriate to have opinions and respect each other's, but leave the political alone. Facebook has made us believe that it is a soundboard for posting completely offensive, disrespectful things and broadcasting them to the people who are supposed to be our friends.

For real, this morning, I read this: I'm sorry, but if you vote for Obama, then you are just stupid.

Well! That's friendly, isn't it.

I value elections. I value democracy. I value the freedom of speaking without fear, but that freedom doesn't make it right to be rude.
Vote for what you believe in and know that you are making a difference.

Anyway, I'm ready for November 6 to get here and pass so I can start liking my friends again because, sheesh, I hate to think that my friends are purposefully disrespecting me and the things I believe in. I believe in those things strongly because I believe that those things will make our world a better place, but I would neverEVER suggest that someone is stupid because they stand for different beliefs. Opinions are good guys, but Facebook ain't the place.

Political rant finished!
Sorry. It's a pain, but it's almost over.

Travel Season is HERE
For me anyway. I hit the road on Monday and don't come back to the office routinely again until December. Lots 'o driving, lots 'o adventures.
And I'm ready because preparing for travel season has me stressed to the max. I'm ready to just get on with it now.
It's good to change up the routine. Even better when the change up suggests working from home. Boom!

Cleaning House
Cleaning my house sucks. I'm okay with dog hair. I'm good with a little dust. I'm not cool with dishes in the sink or clothes in the basket. One or the other gets me started on a rampage and I end up doing it all.
But you know what's cool about cleaning? If you anything like me, you find things. Cool things. Things like old notebooks from the fifth grade that serve as a reminder that I've been a writer since I could spell words.
I love that. I'm a writer. I've always been a writer.

Then the rest of it.
Great small things that are awesome and make my life sparkle on a regular basis.
Things like :
Platos Closet super cheapcheap scores.

(Yes! That does say "Fossil Sandels for twelve smackeroooooos)

Cookies for breakfast.
Weddings and red lipstick.

Boys who will be boys.

And a million other things like fall, leaves that change color, pumpkin spice candles, Goodwill power-shopping, great pictures, snuggling in a quilt on cold nights, the smell of cooking in a kitchen, the way my mom hugs me tight even though I'm twenty-four years old and significantly taller than her, rereading a great book.....the list will never stop.

So this is a meager post, mostly because I've been busy out of my mind, but I'm never too busy to appreciate the goodgreat life I've been given. It's the small thing, you know.

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