Happy Monday!

by - 5:28 PM

My job is awesome.
Like, bees knees, rock star, the coolest, freakin' light it on fire and it still couldn't be more fascinating.
And what isn't more interesting when it's on fire. Come'on! That's saying something.
I kicked my first travel day today.
Hopped in the car, stormed a couple of high schools and laid the OC love down hard.
Let's begin.
I overslept.
As in, the alarm clock didn't go off and so I hopped out of bed like a ninja, threatening to take out any particles in my way.
I didn't get lost,
 but I sure as fire couldn't find the flagpole. The only thing they tell me and lawdy-almighty, I can't find the dang thing.
It's cool.
The rest of it was smokin' it was so fun. Coolest job ever.
Boom. Pow. Happy Monday!

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