YOLO (no, seriously)

by - 9:42 AM

I'm pretty easy to please. I like small things and so, I can roll with quite a few punches so long as they come with some sort of perk.
Take last night, for instance. At 8PM, Ryan decided he needed to drive to Detroit, that instant, to buy a motorcycle. I'm pretty used to these shenanigans, but I put up a fight anyway. I whined, mostly. But I hopped up in the borrowed truck anyway and off we went.
We didn't get back home until 2AM, but Ryan bought me a back of cherry twizzlers, which just so happen to be my favorite, and he let me talk the whole way there and back. That kept me busy and happy the whole time.

Sometimes, and by sometimes what I mean is a lot of times, I moan and complain about the punches. Then, when I look back on them a week later, it occurs to me that they are the adventures. They are the things I'll remember and and totally brag about when I'm eighty.
Can you imagine! Listen sonny, when I was your age, I was hoppin' into ramshackle vehicles with the windows rolled down and cruisin' into Detroit at midnight. What have you done lately?
A few nights ago, I heard the engine roar on Ryan's favorite motorcycle and I blitzed through the house yelling, "lemme just grab my helmet!"
The dogs were chasing me, feeding on my excitement and I knew I was positively living in the moment. I was fueled by the thwack-thwack of my flip-flops on the pavement and the happy sigh when I hopped on the back of his bike while yanking on the straps of my helmet under my chin.
It was the kind of unexpected, low maintenance, joy that I love most in life. It was a five minute jaunt to the movie store and to Meijers for ice cream, but it was the very best way to spend five minutes on a hot Wednesday evening.

It's all about the live in the moment, carpe diem, you only live once stuff. It's about feeling alive. And I think, sometimes, about all the money you can spend to have expensive things, but for me, it's the wind in my hair that makes me feel like I'm alive.
I used to wonder where it came from. I'm just a girl from a sleepy west Michigan town where homecoming was the highlight of fall. Then I remembered that my childhood joy came from riding my bike down the biggest hill and feeling the wind in my hair. It came from jumping from the highest branch and feeling the wind in my hair. It came from chasing my sisters through the yard and feeling the wind in my hair.

Guys, the wind is free. Completely and totally free. And it is the greatest indicater of life, more so than anything available in any doctor's office around the world.

I was walking down the sidewalk in Frankfort a couple of weeks ago and I stumbled upon an older woman eating an ice cream cone at 9AM. She winked at me and no joke, said "YOLO." Then she grinned. I smiled back. YOLO, indeed. 
I walked away thinking, lady, you enjoy your ice cream. And if you want another in a few hours, get another one. Get ten, if that's what makes you happy today.

I sometimes think that if a person is happy, they have lived a successful life. More successful than any rich bloke on wall street. I think you have to be an adult to appreciate that. I certainly didn't when I was younger.
It's the small things. It really is.

It's been a lazy week. I've been crafting up a storm, which I can't tell Ryan because he'll think that I'm becoming "domesticated" which I'm trying to avoid. He'll start expecting me to cook dinner and keep a clean house or something.
Anyway, my week:

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