Sometimes....Love is for Real

by - 10:30 AM

Call me crazy. Call me a sissy. Call me anything, it doesn't matter.

I believe that not just sometimes, but all the time, love is a magical halucinagen that will makes people do the unthinkable. Men will cry. Women will  give birth to a child, knowing all the while that it will hurt, but the love that will follow will erase the memory of pain.

Because of love, two people will promise to battle it out, fight the odds, fight each other, and in front of God and everyone, they promise to fight for their love for the rest of their lives.

It was a perfect day for a wedding.

Somethings are too perfect to ignore. Things like the sun shining on your wedding day. The water peacefully lapping at the shore where you speak your vows.

Or like a parachuter landing in the background as the bride walks down the sandy aisle.

P.S. He said congratulations as he unwittingly floated in.

I'm not sure if I believe in soulmates. The idea is pretty far-fetched, but I like the theory nonetheless.
Some people are just made for each other.
They fit. They match. They just work. 

Like these two lovebirds...

I snapped this picture because it reminded me of my senior prom. All the moms bustling around, trying to catch the perfect picture of the ol' pinning of the flower.
If you're interested, I had problems with the pin and so I asked my date's mother to do the honors. Alas, no flowing pinning pictures for me.

Perhaps the purest form of love is that which a parent has for a child.
The groom was escorted down the aisle by his beautiful daughter.
She cried. He cried. The rest of us cried with them because there is nothing more ironically joyful than happy tears. 

Some people are made for each other.
Bryce and Teresa are two of those people.

As for me, I was made for this guy. 

The man who responds to "wanna play in the water?" by taking hold of my hand and half dragging me as we run into the waves.

And Ryan and I? We were made for this:

Sometimes, people are made for each other. Sometimes you're lucky enough to find them.
Sometimes love wraps you up and sometimes it never comes unraveled.

I was made for a lot of things. Blue popsicles, for instance. But mostly, I was made for a man named Ryan Hodges.

Teresa was made for Bryce.

Just like Pokey was made for Gumby and peanut butter was made for Jelly. And chocolate.

Love is real. I know it because I feel it and on Saturday afternoon, on the beach in northern Michigan, I saw it.

Congratulations T and B. You crazy kids.


Ooh and fun fact! This is what Ryan looks like with eighteen double chins.
I risked my life, driving a car while weilding a camera, and while speeding down the high way to fetch this picture.
I looked over, caught sight of his chins and decided it was worth the risk. This is the kind of photo that must be taken.


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