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I write about happiness alot because that's what's important to me. Sustaining a positive outlook on life is work, but it is, without a doubt, the best type of work with the biggest return.

But to be honest, it's not all unicorns and sunshine and rainbows and glitter and sequins.

Basically this is my outlook: everyday you wake up and take a peek at the cards your dealt for the day.
You have a couple of options: roll with them or throw them on the table and be out. Either way, tomorrow you'll get a brand new set and it could be better or worse than what you've got right now.

I prefer to roll with the cards I get. 

I can't be perfect. As much as I try, thats just never in the cards for me. I'm not getting a royal flush ever. Sometimes I get the king and the ace and maybe even the jack, but the queen is replaced with a two. Of clubs.

Sometimes I forget my lunch dishes in my desk drawer at work. Over the weekend.
Sometimes I forget to charge my phone.
I accidentally sprinkled bleach on my work shoes. They used to be black. Now they're decorated with cheerful pinkish-orange bleach speckles. Um, colored with a black sharpie.
I never remember how to spell "accidentally" and although I'm a grammar-crazy-freak, sometimes I screw up.

I can't really remember what I thought my life would be, but I don't think I ever imagined it would turn out like this. It's wayyyy more awesome than I ever anticipated. And I think what makes it so great is that I make a conscious effort to be happy every day. Today will be awesome.

I used to be significantly less forgiving, both with myself and others. I made quick judgements and consequently, I was a much less happy person. I think that my perceptions of others, and judging myself against those perceptions made me unhappy. I've recently decided that being happy is equivalent to being successful. Those things go hand in hand, but the happy part has to come first.

I saw a picture of someone I know and although the old me would have made a decision about her promptly...and it wouldn't have been favorable, the person that I have actively worked to become decided that if she's happy, I'm happy. That girl, her life is entirely different from mine and it took me awhile to release those immature feelings that different is bad. She's happy. Bless her, she's achieved something that many many many financially successful people have not. She wins.

Choosing to be happy isn't always easy. Like when you plan to go tubing, but you're two tubes too short and Meijers sold out of tubes three months ago. And you make new plans, but the sun refuses to cooperate.

So what. I choose to be happy anyway.
The boys bust out a few pull-ups on the playground and Adelly gets cute. It's a win/win.

And then there's this:
Proof that I grew up. A door with my name on it.

I'm happy.

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